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Peugeot first appeared in Australia during the early 1900s with official documentation confirming formal distributor agreements in the early 1920s. But 1949 was the year the brand was first represented nationally, and have had a continuous presence in the country since.

Over the years Australians have come to know Peugeot as a dependable partner. In fact it was Peugeotís victory, with the 203, in the tough 1953 Round Australia Redex Trial that helped put Peugeot on the map.

The 203's highly advanced yet unbreakable suspension, accurate rack and pinion steering and overdriven top gear were all considered exotic at the time. Outstanding dynamics, reliability and exceptional comfort remain Peugeot hallmarks to this day.

Several models were assembled in Australia, local production beginning with the 203 in 1953, moving through models such as the 403, 404 and 504 in the 1960s and '70s, to finish with the 505 in the early 1980s. Diesel versions of the 504, 505 and 405 sold in Australia and now Peugeot leads the way in diesel technology in Australia.

The brand has demonstrated an ability to endure and succeed in one of the world's most competitive automotive markets and will continue to respond to Australia's changing social and economic landscape.

Peugeots have been, and will continue to be Engineered to be Enjoyed.